Thermokon HVAC Sensors|Gruner Actuators|Alliance Technology Solutions Asia||Malaysian Distributors
  Alliance Technology Solutions are very proud to be
 distributors of Thermokon Sensors  and Gruner  Actuators in
 Malaysia and Sri Lanka as well as Australia.
 We are able to offer our complete range of HVAC 
 peripherals such as Sensors and Actuators from the one
 local supplier.  
 The products are made from high quality materials, using
 modern production procedures.
  Thermokon's 25+ years of experience in German
  engineering ensures our products enjoy great  reliability
  and accuracy which is second to none.
  Actuators have been the central component of the Gruner
  company's product range since 1954.
  The know-how of entire generations has flowed into
  product development.
  These qualities together with our favourable pricing will
  help you, our valued customers maintain a competitve edge
  in the market.
  We look forward to being of service to you!
            TEL. (60) 3 4043 6061

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